Magnetocaloric material based on MnFePSi


The MAGNETOCALORIC EFFECT (MCE) forms the foundation of magnetocaloric technology.

Building upon world-leading research of TU Delft, our patented magnetocaloric material based on Mn-Fe-P-Si heats up when exposed to a magnetic field and cools down when the magnetic field is removed.

It is the only known composition that does not contain rare-earth elements, is non-toxic and has the widest operation temperature span from -80*C to 200*C.

Abundantly available raw materials and our special composition enable for the first time mass production of magnetocaloric materials for heating and cooling applications while strongly reducing cost.

magneto technology

3D printed blocks for cascade

Magneto utilizes cutting-edge 3D printing technology to shape the powders of MnFePSi into the most efficient heat exchanger. Magneto’s patented 3D printed magnetocaloric materials allow a highly efficient heat transfer to our special protective and environmental friendly water-based heat transfer fluid. The special geometry achieves high efficiency by reducing the resistance of the water flow and by optimizing the geometry in respect to the direction of the magnetic field to avoid demagnetization effects.

Each 3D printed block generates a temperature span of about 2 *C. These blocks are stacked and assembled into a cascade that is customized to the dimensions, temperature span and heating/cooling power desired by the customer. A temperature span of 40*C therefore requires a cascade of about 20 individual 3D printed blocks.

Active magnetic regenerator for heat pumps


The active magnetic regenerator (AMR) is the key component and heart of any magnetocaloric heat pump technology. The cascade of magnetocaloric materials customized to the required temperature span and heating/cooling power of the heat pump, is assembled into the AMR component.

The AMR generates the change in temperature for heating and cooling applications by magnetization and de-magnetization of the magnetocaloric materials inside in a cycling (on/off) magnetic field. During cycling, the water-based heat transfer fluid changes its temperature by flowing through the AMR absorbing or releasing the heat of the materials. The AMR creates a hot and cold side, which is used in heat pump applications for either heating or cooling. The AMR in a heat pump is even able to switch easily between heating and cooling operation.

magneto application refridge

Water-based Heat transfer fluid

Magneto developed a special recipe of the water-based heat transfer fluid to protect our material composition MnFePSi from corrosion, which ensures a long life time of our products.


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