Revolutionize Comfort, Preserve the Planet: Introducing MAGNETO

Discover a groundbreaking solution that redefines the way we experience heating and cooling. At MAGNETO, we challenge the status quo by providing an eco-friendly alternative that ensures both comfort and sustainability.

Why Choose MAGNETO? Our Compelling Value Proposition

In the realm of heating and cooling, conventional methods contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. MAGNETO offers a game-changing technology that transcends the trade-off between comfort and environmental impact. We present an innovative alternative for appliance manufacturers in the heating and cooling industry, as well as those involved in waste heat to power conversion.

Key Benefits of MAGNETO Technology:

  1. Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Say goodbye to environmental guilt. MAGNETO ensures your heating and cooling needs are met without harming the planet.
  2. Up to 30% Power Savings: Experience efficiency like never before. Our technology not only reduces environmental impact but also cuts power consumption, translating to significant cost savings for our clients.
  3. Lower Cost of Ownership: Investing in MAGNETO isn’t just a commitment to sustainability; it’s a smart financial decision. Enjoy the long-term benefits of lower operational costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

Join MAGNETO in the journey towards a greener, more energy-efficient future without compromising on your comfort. Please check our open positions below and send us your CV to: [email protected]

Looking forward to hear from you.

Open positions

We are currently offering a Master project: 3D Printing of magnetocaloric materials for sustainable and efficient cooling.

Master thesis: Magneto-3ME – 3D printing magnetocaloric materials

Full Time: Chemist in research and development team

Full Time: Engineer

Full Time: Lab Technician